Short Documentary I 7' I 2021

"It is not easy to be a female chef... Especially for a woman who had to move from Syria to Germany and started from zero..." 

The story of Malakeh Jazmati who recreates herself and her dreams.


"The Kitschen Ambassador" is created in the context of Frauenmärz 2021 with the support of Museen Tempelhof-Schöneberg.

directors Hazal Kara I Sezin Ertek sound mixage Ludwig Fiedler

directors Hazal Kara I Sezin Ertek 

co-procuder Timur Savcı

supportive producer Burcu Çelebi

cinematographer Ayşe Alacakaptan

production manager Tuğçe Kep

 art director Naz Aksu 

sound designer & composer Jan Tobias Shutter

sound mixage Ludwig Fiedler

with Bengü Ergin